About Us

ECPlus Design is a cloud-based software solution for civil and structural design engineers built on a SaaS model. It is developed and marketed by HAPVAS Technologies under the name of Smart Cloud Engineer. ECPlus Design solutions for civil and structural engineers were conceived and developed by a team of domain experts from design consultancies and construction.

Our Mission

Engineering firms, consultants, and practicing engineers generally need access to multiple desktop software to meet engineering design requirements. Eventually, upfront expenses on setting up the IT infrastructure, maintenance, acquiring the software, and staff training are often a deterrent for small to medium organizations.

Our mission is to address these issues holistically, under a single roof, so that technically competent design solutions are collectively made available through cloud computing at an affordable cost and are easily accessible to every aspirant engineer and professional, thus eliminating the drawbacks of conventional software.



We are an eclectic group of domain experts ranging from industry to industry, bringing decades of hardcore experience to our users. Our expertise embraces the latest technology to give our customers a competitive edge.


We believe that persistence leads to perfection. Our team is dedicated to providing our users with precise and technically advanced design solutions.


Our loyal and growing user base indicates the trust and value of our service. We believe that our presence benefits the engineering community.