ECPlus FAQ's

If you’re new to ECPlus or looking to re-platform your business with the state of art cloud applications, this guide will help you learn more about the platform, its features and maximizing efficiency.

1.  What is ECPlus?

ECPlus is a subscription-based software service provider under the brand name Smart Cloud Engineer. It is a cloud-based software for civil and structural design calculations marketed by HAPVAS Technologies.

2.  How to access ECPlus Calculations?

ECPlus website is developed and tested to work well with modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge , Firefox and Safari.

While ECPlus works on a mobile device, a desktop system or a tablet device is recommended since the calculations are complex type. Users shall register and subscribe to gain full access to the calculation modules. Recommended Internet speed is atleast 1Mbps.

For terms of use, please visit here.

3.  Are ECPlus Calculations Free?

ECPlus Calculations are free to all when subscribed to the basic plan. However, to use all the features of ECPlus, users are required to subscribe to the Professional Plan. Visit here to know more about the features of the different plans.

4.  Why should I register to access the free features?

ECPlus is a cloud based civil structural appliation and inherently designed to access the applications and its job files in an integrated manner through EC Drive. The architecture, thus, requires the user signup regardless of the type of access (For both Free and Premium Accounts).

For more information about our privacy policy, please visit here.

5.  How many calculation modules are available?

ECPlus currently provides about twenty (20 nos) calculation modules. Click here to see the full list. However, the list keeps growing. The registered users will receive notifications of revisions and additions.

6.  How accurate are the calculation modules? Are they validated?

We strive our best to provide accurate calculation modules compliant with the latest codes and standards and available textbook references. For certain modules, where such references are not available, modules are validated through hand calculations. Refer ECPLUS Verification Manual

7.  What are the National Standards that ECPlus offers?

Currently, ECPlus offers calculation modules in British, European and American Standards. However, in future, other National Standards will be included periodically.

It is advised to check our newsletter for updates.

8.  Do I have to pay for individual calculation module?

All users have unlimited access to all calculation modules of all National Standards regardless of the subscription type. However, premium features are available for only paid users.

9.  How do I save my calculation files?

ECPlus provides a convenient cloud storage system for all users to save the calculation files. Premium users will have unlimited download and upload from the access devices and share with others.

10.  What is the limit of calculation files in the cloud?

Currently ECPlus imposes no limit on number of files per user that can be stored in the cloud system. The job file size is only in the order of 5KB, it is unlikely that the user will face any restriction on the number of files even in future.

11.  What happens to my calculation files after my subscription expires?

When the paid subscription expires, the subscription will be downgraded to Basic Plan (Demo Version) and the calculation files remain intact in the cloud system.

However, when the account is inactive for more than 60 days, the files are subject to deletion. The user will be alerted before the files are deleted from the cloud system.

12.  Can multiple users access using single account?

Currently ECPlus offers single user account. As per our usage policy, multiple accesses using single account is prohibited. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account in case of violation.

13.  Can I request for a new calculation module?

Users can request for new calculation module through the Support system. Please note that while we review your request, there is no guarantee that your request will be fulfilled since the list of all calculation modules is decided by the ECPlus management.

14.  What happens when a calculation module is updated?

The calculation modules are periodically reviewed and updated based on user's feedback. However, your previous calculation files will not be affected and will be forward-compatible.

15.  How do I report an issue with ECPlus?

Please visit Contact Us to report any issue with the access or use of ECPlus.

16.  What is a Demo Version?

The demo version allows the users to fully explore the features and view the comprehensive calculation reports.
However, random factors generated during run time alter the applied loads in certain calculation modules. The result values change for every calculation run but do not give the results for the loads the user enters.

Looking for premium? Subsribe here .

17.  Can I view sample Reports?

Few sample calcualtion reports generated by ECPLUS.

  1. Storage Tank Foundation. View
  2. Vertical Vessel Foundation. View
  3. Horizontal Vessel Foundation. View
  4. Mat or Combined Foundation. View
  5. Dynamic (mMachine) Foundation. View
  6. Monorail Beam Design. View
  7. Baseplate Design. View