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Masonry Column Design

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The scope of this calculation module is to design a masonry column for given axial loads under eccentric conditions taking the masonry properties and strength into consideration. The application checks the compressive strength adequacy of the column.

Standards: British.


  • The design module allows the user to capture the actual site or design requirements via various options such as,
  • Masonry properties
  • Masonry constructions
  • Moreover, in order to help the user to better use the module material-based choices are also given such as,
  • Type of bricks used and their properties
  • Clay and calcium silicate bricks
  • Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks
  • Aggregate concrete blocks (of various porosity)
  • Solid aggregate concrete blocks laid flat
  • Solid aggregate concrete blocks collar jointed
  • Masonry unit category (as defined in code provision)
  • Construction control category (as defined in code provision)
  • The slenderness ratio along major and minor axis is calculated.

Design Considerations

  • The height and effective height of the column is equal, as the length of the column is taken as the distance between lateral supports.
  • The ratio of masonry unit height to least horizontal dimension of masonry unit and the ratio of masonry unit height to effective thickness of masonry wall has been limited to a definite range for different wall types.
  • The absolute value of load eccentricity should not be greater than half the value of column dimension along the respective direction.
  • The masonry column calculation is carried out only for short columns.
  • The capacity reduction factor is calculated from the absolute value of load eccentricities.
  • The design vertical load resistance is calculated after applying a compressive strength correction factor as the respective area of a column is small.

National Standards Available

British Standard


  • "BS 5628-1:2005 - Code of practice for the use of masonry - Part 1: Structural use of unreinforced masonry."
  • “Design of structural elements” – W.M.C.McKenzie.


  • Ver 1.0 - Original version
User Manual Download Sample Report