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Monorail Design

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The scope of this calculation module is to analyse and design a monorail using a standard hot-rolled or user-defined built-up sections, generally used for lifting and support machinery items during installation and maintenance. The section profile can be either standard hot rolled I-sections or built-up sections. For the selected section with the applied loading, the arrived moment and shear will be checked against allowable moment and shear capacities including serviceability check for deflection and vibrations.

Available Standards: British, European.


  • The module allows the user to select steel section from standard British steel table or frame a user-defined section for design requirements.
  • While selecting the standard hot rolled section, the user is allowed to choose any one of the following type of section:
  • Universal beam
  • Universal column
  • Compatible to design monorail for various conditions as below:
  • Simply supported
  • Cantilever
  • Continuous span (both simply supported and cantilever)
  • Effective restraint factor for the supports shall be selected by the user based on support conditions.
  • Depending on hoist wheel arrangements, the module allows the user to select 2 or 4-wheel loading conditions.
  • User has an option to input wheel spacing based on hoist wheel arrangements, accordingly the wheel loads on beam are calculated by the program.
  • Based on British code requirements, the module performs vibration check and provision for beam flanges to be considered as stiffened flanges.
  • The module allows the user to input the deflection limit ratios for following conditions,
  • Simply supported
  • Cantilever
  • and checks the actual deflection against input limits.

Design Considerations

  • The elastic and plastic section properties of the section were taken from steel table for standard hot-rolled sections and for user-defined sections the properties are calculated by program.
  • Load due to self-weight of beam are calculated by program and considered for design calculations
  • The program calculates moment and shear capacity for sections based on its classification under ‘Plastic’, ‘Compact’ or ‘Semi compact’.
  • Program allows the user to select the effective restraint factor based on flange condition for both simply supported and cantilever beams
  • Module accounts for section classification as per Eurocode provision and moments were calculated based on such classification.
  • In-case of difference in section classification between web and flange element, then effective cross section of the section is adopted for calculation.
  • The effect due to continuous beam has been considered while calculating the deflection for cantilever beam under continuous beam condition.

National Standards Available

British Standard

Europe Standard


  • BS 5950-1:2000 - Structural use of steelwork in building - Part 1: Code of practice for design - Rolled and welded sections.
  • BS 2853:1957 - Design and testing of steel overhead runway beams.
  • EN 1993 - Design of steel structure - Part 1-1 : General rules and rules for buildings.
  • EN 1993 - Design of steel structure - Part 6 : Crane supporting structures.


  • Ver 1.0 - Original version
User Manual Download Sample Report